The All-New Conversational Mobile App for AI Enterprise Intelligence

Hypersonix’s conversational mobile application is built from the ground up to be lightning-fast and highly immersive. It provides the complete Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality available from the Hypersonix cloud platform, with a voice-based conversational experience with Jarvix – an integrated decision agent.

ai enterprise intelligence

“Hypersonix on mobile provides instant access to our full set of AI-driven analytics and decisioning tools on the go. It puts actionable insights gleaned from billions of data attributes in your hands wherever you are and whenever you need them. The best part – it’s personalized to who you are and can be invoked by voice.”

It is now easier than ever to access real-time intelligence and recommendations for business managers. The enhanced mobile app connects with all of your enterprise systems-of-record and enables you with critical answers and augmented analytics across all enterprise systems. It delivers push intelligence, letting you know what is happening in your business in real time, without the need to be tied to your large screen.

AI Power in Your Hands

Executives on the go previously had to connect to a hot spot with their computers prior to a store visit or work from stale printed reports. Now with Hypersonix mobile, they can have informed conversations with their operators and validate the insights in real time.

Business operators and sales managers are often “flying blind” without data. With Hypersonix mobile, they can respond in real time to changing dynamics like customer sentiment, out of stocks, and promotion compliance issues.

The Hypersonix platform delivers a “Google-like” search and autonomous intelligence applications purpose-built for consumer commerce decision-makers and executives. Users pose queries in conversational language using voice or text. Its built-in AI-enabled functionality creates documents, uncovers insights, and updates results on the fly.

Our technology rapidly learns what users care about in the categories or operational functions for which each is responsible. User interface and notifications are personalized, reflecting a permissions system and access control that are baked into the user roles.

At the heart of the solution is Hypersonix Unified Data Analytics Platform (UDAP), which eliminates internal data silos and auto-stitches related data together using AutoML. It identifies, integrates, and cleanses data from multiple sources in an automated fashion, so enterprises gain rapid value from existing data.

Our new mobile app is now live on Google Play and App Store.

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