Hypersonix Scores Big with Gartner

Today, we announced our recognition by Gartner in the 2021 Hype Cycle reports for Digital Commerce and Retail. Even more significantly, Gartner named Hypersonix in its Market Guide for Augmented Analytics Tools.

Hypersonix acts as an enterprise nervous system that senses and reacts to market conditions and customer demand for optimal results and profitable revenue. It looks at all available data to provide real-time, actionable intelligence. Hypersonix users take advantage of instantaneous changes in customer demand, supply chain fluctuations, inventory surpluses and shortfalls, and forecast and adjust pricing, optimize inventory,  monitor supply chains, and drive profitable revenue growth.

A wide spectrum of industries including Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, eCommerce, Grocery, Hospitality and Restaurants have successfully driven profitable revenue growth with Hypersonix. Our customers include Amazon, Smart & Final, and Bashas’.

“Quickly turning insight into action is the key to success in today’s competitive retail environment. The accessible, conversational nature of the Hypersonix platform allows our business leaders to leverage that insight directly, without the constraints typically associated with traditional data analysis.”

– Joe VanDette (Group Vice President, Marketing at Smart & Final)

“Aligning with customer needs used to be easier. But increased pricing transparency and customer expectations have made augmented intelligence an essential piece of most business’s toolkits. We provide the visibility and predictive insights that online and brick-and-mortar businesses need at this critical time.”

– Prem Kiran (Founder and CEO, Hypersonix)

Gartner included Hypersonix in shortlists of augmented-intelligence providers in three reports. The July 14 report on retail technologies, the July 13 report on digital commerce, and most importantly, the June 28 “Market Guide for Augmented Analytics Tools” selected Hypersonix as an example among a handful of competing tools in the contextualized real-time pricing category. This focus follows attention from Gartner earlier this year when it named Hypersonix a “cool vendor.”

The reports reveal the momentum in the Revenue Intelligence space and how companies like Hypersonix are well-positioned to ride the wave.

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