Independent Retailers Demonstrate AI Isn’t Just for Big Retailers Anymore by Partnering with Hypersonix

We’re delighted to announce that Hypersonix is actively partnering with independent retailers to deploy our AI technology to help unlock profitable growth opportunities. Three examples are HomeTown Pharmacy, Pyramid Foods, and Carlie C’s IGA — all have implemented the Hypersonix AI solution with the intention to become more data-driven in merchandising, marketing, and other areas of their business. 

The use of AI within consumer-facing organizations has historically been seen as an expensive and time-consuming investment, putting larger organizations ahead and leaving independent retailers behind. That is not the case with Hypersonix. Our platform can be easily and affordably deployed in smaller enterprises with few technology resources.  More importantly, the platform is designed for non-technical business users to help drive adoption across the organization.  

HomeTown Pharmacy, a chain with more than 40 locations across Michigan and Indiana, came to us with the challenge of driving crossover sales within its pharmacy and retail stores. Looking to level the playing field with national retailers, HomeTown Pharmacy is leveraging AI to better identify and serve their customers.  

“Although we pride ourselves on being a long-running and family-owned pharmacy, that doesn’t mean we aren’t also embracing the latest technologies to improve the level of service for our valued customers. Working with Hypersonix is helping us figure out what we need to do in order to not only grow on the pharmacy side, but also increase sales for the rest of our retail products.” 

– Jonathan Grice, President of HomeTown Pharmacy

Pyramid Foods, a regional 50-store, multi-brand retailer based in Springfield, MO, engaged Hypersonix to improve its pricing capabilities.  The company will be using a variety of new factors including analyzing consumer demand and competitive intelligence to set more optimal pricing to meet the needs of local shoppers.

“Historically it has been a manual process to set pricing in our various locations, especially with the strong competitors that we face here.  Now that we have the technology to make informed, accurate changes in real time, there are a variety of other areas where we plan to use Hypersonix. We’re looking forward to seeing continued growth across our business with the help of Hypersonix.”

– Erick Taylor, President and CEO of Pyramid Foods

Similarly, Carlie C’s IGA, a 25-store operator based in Dunn, NC, tapped Hypersonix to improve competitiveness with larger chains in the region.  Their main priority initially was to improve competitive pricing against larger, national chains by identifying key factors such as consumer demand, competitive positioning, internal economics and localized category goals. 

“As a smaller chain, using AI to improve the business has always seemed like something that would be out of reach for us.  I must say that it has been incredibly easy and fast to implement Hypersonix and now we are looking to maximize results”

– Mack McLamb, President of Carlie C. McLamb Enterprises.

“Our partnerships with HomeTown Pharmacy, Pyramid Foods and Carlie C’s IGA are examples of how advanced AI-based tools that have until now been the purview of only large retailers, are available and affordable for independent retailers,” said Todd P. Michaud, President and Chief Commercial Officer, Hypersonix.  “While we work with large organizations too, we are very proud of the impact that we can have with regional independent retailers.  We are democratizing access to advanced diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive insights to find profitable revenue growth for great retailers of all sizes.” 

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