What is ProfitGPT?

The Leading Predictive Analytics Solution for Retail and DTC Brands

For retailers who want to fast-track their AI-driven strategies, ProfitGPT from Hypersonix simplifies the complex analysis of competitors, pricing, promotions, inventory, and forecasting to help commerce companies make better and faster decisions that grow profits.

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Accelerate and Automate the Retail Decision-making Process 1000x Faster with Hypersonix AI.

ProfitGPT simplifies and automates the analysis of your product's prices, promotions, competitors, and inventory so you can make the best decisions at a faster pace. Seamlessly integrating multiple data sources with our connected network of generative AI models will deliver actionable insights that drive product sales and margin growth.

ProfitGPT Delivers 10-30% Profit Lifts for Retail and DTC Brands

Maximize your margins, optimize price points, effectively evaluate promotions, competitors, and vendors. Optimize your inventory levels, and improve demand planning to experience what many of our customers do -- a double-digit percentage profit lift.

Pricing AI

Proactively monitor, gain insights and automate pricing for maximum sales and product margin growth. Manage the optimal price point for millions of SKUs while solving any price complexity.

Pricing AI
AI-Driven Automation
  • Proactively suggest optimal price adjustments.
  • Work across thousands of products.
  • Ensure balance between growth, competitiveness, and profitability.
Smart Suggestion Rationale
  • Understand the 'why' behind every price change.
  • Utilize smart, AI-generated rationales for every fluctuation.
  • Enable quick, informed decision-making.
CoPilot-Driven Strategy
  • Integrate AI-driven recommendations.
  • Leverage pragmatic business rules for optimization.
  • Ensure optimization aligns with your preferences.
Competitor AI

Having key insights on your competitors regarding their products, prices, promotions, and stock situations allows you to optimize your business strategies and gain market share.

Competitor AI
Market-Responsive AI
  • Harness sophisticated algorithms for market-savvy pricing.
  • Adjust prices based on market changes.
  • Secure competitive and profitable pricing strategy.
Competitive Edge
  • Gain a 10X advantage with automated competitor price tracking.
  • Leverage proprietary vision and LLM models to match competitor product assortment.
  • React instantly to swift strategic adjustments.
Strategic Automation
  • Implement AI-driven pricing strategies.
  • Adapt automatically to competitor moves.
  • Adjust to demand shifts.
  • Respond to inventory levels.
Forecasting AI

Plan with accuracy using ProfitGPT's advanced double-machine learning simulator to ensure predictable and maximum sell-through strategies with visibility at the item, category, channel, and location levels.

Forecasting AI
AI-Ensemble Forecasting
  • Elevate demand prediction with our multi-model Forecasting AI CoPilot.
  • Drive smart stock decisions and reduce waste with high-accuracy forecasts.
Strategic Scenario Planning
  • Test drive new product introductions with AI-driven 'what-if' simulations.
  • Predict demand fluctuations of seasonal products.
  • Be ready for anything! Simulate more.
Demand Intelligence
  • Transform data into foresight with AI-powered diverse demand signals.
  • Make confident stock decisions, minimizing excess and meeting market need efficiently.
  • Eliminate guesswork and optimize inventory decisions.
Promo AI

Empowers retailers to optimize their promotional strategies with data-driven insights, directly enhancing profit margins and operational efficiency. Integrating AI analytics, it refines promotional tactics to ensure maximum financial impact with minimal expenditure.

Promo AI
Promo Optimization Engine
  • Transform your promotion strategy with AI.
  • Spot weak promos effortlessly.
  • Receive smart recommendations for impactful alternatives.
  • Drive revenue while aligning with retail trends.
Promo AI CoPilot
  • Gain a competitive edge with AI.
  • Understand retail dynamics and excel in retail.
  • Uncover hidden influences on your promotions.
  • Quantify true ROI of your marketing efforts.
Promotion Forecasting
  • Leverage multi-model forecasting for future demand insights.
  • Harmonize baseline and promotion-specific forecasts for a balance, data-driven approach.
  • Optimize timing and budget for promotions with AI.
  • Drive retail journey and success.
Inventory AI

With real-time inventory levels, demand patterns, sales velocity, and consumer buying trends at your fingertips, you can worry less about out-of-stocks and over-stocks while optimizing your cash flow.

Inventory AI
Optimized Stock Levels
  • Harness AI for optimal inventory levels.
  • Streamline your inventory flow based on demand, safety stock, and varying lead times.
Strategic Restocking
  • Leverage predictive insights for intelligent restocking.
  • Adjust inventory with anticipated sales surges and seasonal demands.
Lost Sales Mitigation
  • Implement proactive measures to minimize stockouts.
  • Utilize safety stock insights to avoid unexpected spikes.
Generative Commerce

Insights and reports leverage data analysis to deliver valuable insights and actionable information. These reports are generated by the ProfitGPT AI engines, which collect, process, and analyze extensive data from different databases.

Insights AI
Sales Insight
  • Segment sales data into growth, stagnation, and decline categories.
  • Gain a clear view of product performance over different time periods.
  • Quickly understand your business with the blink of AI.
Margin Management
  • Quickly identify impactful products on profitability.
  • Gain detailed insights into cost structures and pricing strategies.
  • Refine your approach for improved margins.
AI CoPilot Querying
  • Unleash 10X data analysis power with AI CoPilot Query feature.
  • Utilize natural language to interact with complex datasets.
  • Get quick, comprehensive answers for sales and margin queries.
  • Streamline strategy and execution for quick data-driven decisions.
ProfitGPT CoPilot

Strike up a conversation with your AI-driven assistant to get answers to questions about sales and product margins across all your categories, products, brands, locations, channels and more.

Your new assistant can highlight what is trending deep within your data sets so you can take timely action to improve outcomes.


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