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Price and Profitability

Over the last two decades, a steadily increasing number of consumers have taken their shopping online. The value of ecommerce transactions grows each year: according to recent figures the global retail ecommerce market is expected to bring in more than $5.5 trillion in 2022.

Decision Intelligence 101

In this white paper by Rama Rao, learn why Business Intelligence is no longer what retailers need, and how decision intelligence is defining the future of work.

Value in Volatility: AI-driven Inventory Management in a VUCA World

In this white paper, learn how businesses can find value in volatility when they embrace AI-driving inventory management solutions.

The State of Enterprise AI

This white paper by Kumar Srivastava intends to offer a glimpse into patterns and anti-patterns that enterprises experience in their digital transformation journeys and offers blueprints for enterprises to establish AI adoption programs and strategies.

5-Minute Guide to Pricing and Promotions

In this 5-minute guide, learn why unified merchandising is playing a key role in more sophisticated, real-time pricing and promotions.

Driving Profitability in Retail with Data and Analytics

In this white paper, learn about the six-pillar data and analytics framework that serves as a roadmap to harnessing data and analytics in retail.

Enterprise AI in Retail: An Executive Buyer’s Guide

This buyer's guide details how the right Enterprise AI will empower users at all levels to drive superior business outcomes in the coming competitive era.

Bridge the Social Distance with AI for Retail

This whitepaper outlines some opportunities retail businesses to survive, grow and drive profitability by leveraging data better with predictive, prescriptive artificial intelligence.

Driving Business Impact with BI 3.0

In this whitepaper, Prem Kiran talks about Business Intelligence 3.0, and how the AI is going to change the future of Business Intelligence.

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