Hypersonix Listed as Recommended Retail Vendor in Latest Gartner Market Guide

Our team is excited to announce that Hypersonix has been selected by Gartner as a recommended vendor within the retail industry as part of its Market Guide for Retail Unified Price, Promotion and Markdown Optimization Applications. This acknowledgement serves as a testament to our team’s efforts to provide fast, simple and actionable analytics and data to help retailers drive informed decisions with business intelligence.  

Gartner published the market guide for retail CIOs to understand and identify new industry applications that aid consistent pricing across channels. To be considered for this report, Gartner looks at impactful solutions that are leading the pack in terms of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP). We are honored that Hypersonix was included in this year’s report, and recognized as a solution that is both disrupting and improving retail operations across consumer commerce industries. Here’s how we’re making a difference within the retail market. 

Artificial Intelligence  

Where intuition fails, our AI can prevail. Rather than relying on past data and gut instincts, we offer a holistic collection of AI-enabled applications to transform every aspect of the retail business, including price optimization solutions and marketing strategies. With pattern detection, fast processing and predictive recommendations, our AI analytics and intelligence support and inform all facets of the retail industry – from product inventory and demand forecasting to purchasing behavior and sales conversions. 

Machine Learning 

Hypersonix is leveraging AI and ML to help retail businesses by providing real-time insights and recommendations that meet and align with customer expectations, purchasing behavior and consumer demand. Our unique combination of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics allows retailers to forecast customer demand, understand relative competitor positioning and set the optimal price for items – thus helping them capture considerable market share and stay profitable. 

Natural Language Processing 

Meet Jarvix – our real-time decisioning agent, and your new best friend. With a ‘google-like’ user design, Jarvix can search and share intelligent data in a conversational manner. This intuitive tool helps users get answers to the “what”, “whys” and “when” in their data and make real-time decisions quicker and easier than ever before. We know the importance of seamless interactions and a quality user experience and have invested much time and energy into our innovative NPL models to provide ‘insights at the speed of thought’. This out-of-the-box, consumer-inspired search assistance is one of the many ways Hypersonix is using natural language processing to reshape the retail industry and improve pricing models. 

The Results?

Hypersonix understands that a successful retail business requires the careful orchestration of pricing, promotions, product assortment and inventory availability. This is why we created the world’s first AI-driven enterprise platform that offers a system of actional intelligence for consumer commerce businesses. Much more that traditional Business Intelligence (BI) technology, Hypersonix can measure and monitor business results, clarify why they are occurring, and recommend actions to drive improvements.  

As a result, retailers can better understand how customers respond to different promotions and pricing changes while optimally meeting their business’ revenue and profit objectives. Our solution enables retailers to analyze thousands of data points – across different store locations and commerce channels – to identify ideal, localized, dynamic & channel-specific promotion and pricing opportunities that resonate with customers, and ultimately, drive sales. 

You can learn more about Hypersonix’s autonomous analytics capabilities for retailers here.

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