AI-Powered Insights by Hypersonix Driving Growth in Convenience & Fuel Segment

Hypersonix Inc, the leading enterprise AI platform for consumer commerce industries, today announced they have partnered with a number of regional convenience and fuel retailers to deploy its AI technology to find profitable growth across fuel, retail, and foodservice. H&S Energy LLC of California, E.J. Pope & Son, Inc. of North Carolina, and Welcome Break based in the United Kingdom are all examples of early adopters.

Hypersonix is a solution that companies in the convenience and fuel segment are turning to as a proven means to provide non-technical business stakeholders with AI-powered diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics to make better, faster decisions. 

H&S Energy LLC, is a major retail, gasoline, and convenience store operator with approximately 113 locations throughout California, most of which are branded as Chevron locations. H&S also operates Power Market and Extra Mile convenience and food store locations. Initially, H&S is leveraging Hypersonix to support real time fuel pricing as well as optimized merchandising in their stores.   

“We are constantly looking for ways to stay competitive and always on the lookout to leverage innovation. Hypersonix is helping us to integrate our data from all of our various software applications and other data sources so that we can maximize our opportunity to grow profitably through better decision making.”

– Moe Haris (Chief Financial Officer. H&S Energy)

E.J. Pope & Son, Inc., which operates Handy Mart convenience stores, is a third generation, family-owned company that has grown into a highly recognized chain of convenience stores serving customers across eastern North Carolina. With a constant emphasis on updating existing locations to meet the future needs of customers, including store and fuel layout design, equipment upgrades and modern food concepts, such as its proprietary Handy Mart Kitchens, Which Wich, Subway, and Godfather’s Pizza, Handy Mart is using Hypersonix’s AI-driven analytics platform to gather and assess data about the cross relationships that exist between the three core aspects of its business – fuel, retail and QSR.

“We pride ourselves on being a local, family-owned business with deep roots in the areas we serve, but we understand that yesterday’s technology won’t get us to where we need to go. Our partnership with Hypersonix has helped us glean actionable insight to inform our continued growth strategy and expand our services with integrated AI.”

– David Bunch (Chief Operating Officer, E.J. Pope & Son, Inc.)

Welcome Break, one of the largest motorway operators across the United Kingdom, running 44 service areas and 31 hotels across the UK. Welcome Break fuel forecourts, EV charging and amenity buildings are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and attract 85 million customers annually.

View of a modern automobile gas station with cars standing on the background of a beautiful sunset or dawn

Beyond fuel and retail, Welcome Break features a number of prominent QSR brands such as Starbucks, KFC, Burger King, Subway, Pizza Express and Pret A Manger.

“We operate a complex business with scores of disparate data sources across our convenience, fuel, retail, hospitality, and foodservice businesses. Our partnership with Hypersonix will allow us to have one unified data analytics environment in the cloud across our entire enterprise where we can make better sales and marketing decisions about how to best serve our guests.”

– Kash Ghedia (Chief Information Officer, Welcome Break)

Hypersonix is focusing on the convenience and fuel vertical because the environment is complex and diversified across retail, fuel, and foodservice. There are many point solutions being used and they are often poorly integrated. The key differentiator of Hypersonix’s Automated Insights Platform is its ability to process data, infer meaning, recommend actions, and execute them across multiple decision makers. Built for business users, Hypersonix is becoming a true AI nervous system for leading convenience enterprises. 

“From ingesting raw data from disparate platforms to creating curated insights, Hypersonix’s AI-based tools are helping the convenience industry adapt amid changing consumer expectations and competitive dynamics,” said Todd P. Michaud, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Hypersonix. “A key part of our value proposition is to deploy our platform quickly and affordably without requiring a big effort from the technology organization.” 

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