Hypersonix Nabs Applied Tech Award from QSR

We’re excited to share the news that Hypersonix has been chosen by QSR magazine as one of five winners of its 2020 Applied Tech Awards for crew-facing products. Each year, this leading trade magazine in the quick-serve restaurant space chooses five winners for crew-facing and five winners for customer-facing new products. 


According to Sam Oches, Editorial Director of Food News Media, publisher of QSR, Hypersonix met the criteria for this year’s award. “Restaurants are enormously complex operations, and the pandemic has made that even more so,” Oches said. “It’s critical that operators have access to tools that can simplify the operation, but also to guidance on how to navigate the ever-evolving industry challenges. Hypersonix’s AI-Powered Autonomous Analytics Platform does both, which is why we’re excited to recognize Hypersonix with a 2020 Applied Tech Award.” 

We’re working hard to deliver simplified and instant access to diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics that can help the management teams of quick-serve restaurants analyze disparate data sources in real-time. That helps them derive actionable insights and make faster, better decisions. 

By leveraging AI innovations such as unified data governance, augmented intelligence applications, automated machine learning (AutoML), and natural language programming (NLP), we are helping our fast-food restaurant customers and other quick-serve retailers become data-driven organizations. 

If you check out our customer list, you’ll see that top quick-serve restaurants such as KFC, Taco Bell, and others have already taken advantage of our solution to launch their businesses into the future.  

In fact, we just recently announced that MitraQSR, one of the nation’s top-50 franchised restaurant operators, is achieving exceptional sales growth despite COVID-19 pandemic. They credit some of that growth to recently deploying the Hypersonix solution, which helped improve their analytics and decision support across store networks. 

Our solution uses AI innovations that are truly transforming processes within the quick-serve space that have been around for decades. Previous technologies could only look back, at past performance, which meant decisions were often made on gut instinct. Hypersonix provides real-time and predictive information, which is simply revolutionizing those business processes. 

Our simple, fast “Google-like” experience is supported by “Jarvix,” a virtual decision assistant. That natural language experience means that even non-technical people can easily interact with our analytics platform and get the data they need to make better decisions in their parts of the organization. Jarvix essentially replaces the teams of analytics experts that used to be necessary in order to recommend actions and drive business improvements. 

We want our quick-serve customers to be able to measure and monitor business data in real-time, understand why the results are occurring, and immediately make improvements across every one of their restaurants. 

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