The 6 Components of an Enterprise Data and Analytics Strategy

[On-demand Webinar]
  • Is your enterprise’s data siloed in disparate software platforms?
  • Are you experiencing data and analytics tools proliferation?
  • Are you considering a data lake, but want to avoid drowning in data?
  • Are you looking to become a data-driven enterprise?

CIOs, CTOs, and CAOs have been charged with converting raw data into actionable insights that can drive better business outcomes. The market for data governance, storage, and analytical tools has really grown considerably, yet enterprises are still struggling to wrap their arms around the scope of the challenge.


Further plaguing the data and analytics revolution is the fact that 42% of enterprises still adhere to data governance best practices despite efforts to modernize their data and analytics landscape.

CIOs, CTOs and CAOs must step back and establish an enterprise-wide strategy for to harness the value of data for their enterprise. This includes the need to ensure that their architecture enables both data professionals and non-technical decision makers with the tools that they need to move beyond instinctual and anecdotal decisioning.

In this on-demand webinar we will discuss:

  • The Data Management and Analytics Solution Landscape of 2021
  • The 6 Components of an Enterprise Data and Analytics Architecture
  • Best Practices for Integrating Data and applying Artificial Intelligence


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