Business Intelligence 3.0: AI and the Future of Business Analytics



Business Intelligence has evolved significantly over the past two decades. Yet the breakthroughs of the2000s (BI 1.0) and 2010s (BI 2.0) are simply not up to the challenges of the 2020s. Data Warehouses, Reporting Tools, and Data Visualization Tools were supposed to improve decision making, but those solutions have not kept pace with today’s business realities, which require higher performance and greater ease of use.

Businesses remain challenged by having too many disparate data silos and the necessity for technology professionals and analysts to be involved. Most BI platforms are too complex for most front-line users and they require a lot of training. Decision makers, often time-starved and with limited technical expertise, are forced to make most business decisions without the aid of BI tools. Instead they often rely on rules of thumb and gut instinct.

With the recent emergence of Artificial Intelligence powered analytics solutions (BI 3.0), the limitations that have challenged BI platforms over the past two decades are finally giving way to a better, more data-driven future.

This business intelligence webinar will provide a non-technical, business perspective on how next generation, AI-powered Business Intelligence is fundamentally changing decision making forever.

You will learn:
  • The evolution of Business Intelligence and its new potential
  • How cloud-based Unified Data Analytics Platforms are replacing traditional data warehouses
  • How autonomous, predictive, and prescriptive insights assist decision makers to make better, faster decisions without IT or analysts involved
  • Present opportunities that leverage long-term and short-term benefits of BI 3.0 technologies for retail, restaurant and hospitality enterprises

Hypersonix is leveraging AI Automation to help retail businesses with real-time insights & recommendations on what happened, why it happened and what they can do about it.

Featured Speaker

Prem Kiran

Prem Kiran

Founder and CEO,

Todd P. Michaud

Todd P. Michaud

President and Chief Customer Officer,

About the Speaker


Prem Kiran is the Founder & CEO of Hypersonix, a leading Autonomous AI-powered Analytics platform for consumer commerce that helps business leaders gain proactive & real-time insights for timely decision making. Prem is well known as a serial entrepreneur, with a successful track record of founding, scaling and successfully leading multiple companies in the analytics, digital, mobile and commerce space.

Prior to founding, Prem served as the Chief Strategy Officer at Fishbowl, overseeing Product & Sales, which was sold to Symphony Technology Group in 2017. Prem joined Fishbowl when it acquired his previous venture – CLYP Technologies, which he founded and scaled across multiple sectors.

Prior to these entrepreneurial stints, Prem was a senior executive at SAP, where he ran SAP’s Business Analytics Group, and was one of the youngest members of SAP’s Top Talent, reserved for the highest 2% of Global Leaders. Raised in Dubai, Prem’s professional journey has taken him from Europe to the East Coast, finally settling in California.

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