6 Ways to Make Ecommerce Profitable, Not Painful

[On-Demand Webinar]

Are you, like many retailers, struggling to grow your ecommerce business profitably? Did the recent COVID-19 related stay-at-home orders stress test your company’s approach to ecommerce?

While adoption, experimentation and basic enablement have been the priorities, it has become clear that most retailers have insufficiently focused on the right levers to ensure ecommerce profitability. Most channel-related decisions have been made instinctively, rather than in a data-driven fashion. If an instinctive approach didn’t work then, it won’t work now; it’s essential to make sound, data-driven decisions that matter today.

With the emergence of AI-powered analytics in ecommerce, we are able to move from uncertainty to certainty.  It is now easier than ever to profitably drive ecommerce growth, overcoming the blind spots that exist in legacy business intelligence applications. 

Let Hypersonix introduce you to the next generation in ecommerce intelligence!

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

Six specific ways to ensure profitable revenue growth for your ecommerce channels:

  • Intelligent Digital Pricing
  • Intelligent Digital Promotions
  • Intelligent Digital Assortments
  • Intelligent Digital Personalization
  • Intelligent Digital Inventory
  • Online Demand Forecasting

This online event will also cover specific ways to ensure operational excellence and brief demonstrations of the above-mentioned capabilities.

Hypersonix is leveraging AI-Analytics to help ecommerce businesses with real-time insights & recommendations on what happened, why it happened and what they can do about it.

Featured Speaker

Todd P. Michaud

Todd P. Michaud

President and Chief Customer Officer,

About the Speaker

Prem Kiran is the Founder & CEO of Hypersonix, a leading Autonomous AI-powered Analytics platform for consumer commerce that helps business leaders gain proactive & real-time insights for timely decision making. Prem is well known as a serial entrepreneur, with a successful track record of founding, scaling and successfully leading multiple companies in the analytics, digital, mobile and commerce space.

Prior to founding hypersonix.ai, Prem served as the Chief Strategy Officer at Fishbowl, overseeing Product & Sales, which was sold to Symphony Technology Group in 2017. Prem joined Fishbowl when it acquired his previous venture – CLYP Technologies, which he founded and scaled across multiple sectors.

Prior to these entrepreneurial stints, Prem was a senior executive at SAP, where he ran SAP’s Business Analytics Group, and was one of the youngest members of SAP’s Top Talent, reserved for the highest 2% of Global Leaders. Raised in Dubai, Prem’s professional journey has taken him from Europe to the East Coast, finally settling in California.

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