Bashas’ Moves Boldly into Data-Driven Future with Hypersonix

As reported in Progressive Grocer, Bashas’ Family of Stores has deployed Hypersonix, the AI-driven price and revenue optimization platform. Bashas’ chose Hypersonix’s solution to support the company’s profit and revenue growth goals. The deployment follows a successful, 90-day pilot program, and comes on the heels of Hypersonix’s $11.5M Series A funding, led by Intel Capital.

Bashas’ Family of Stores is a 3rd generation family-owned business founded in 1932 and is a community cornerstone in Arizona. With the grocery industry facing unprecedented change and fluctuating demand patterns due to COVID-19, Bashas’ required a partner that empowered non-technical decision-makers to respond to real-time changes in pricing, availability of merchandise and other trends.

New Growth Opportunities with Advanced Tools 

“We look forward to seeing how Hypersonix can identify new profit growth opportunities from our data,” said Edward N. Basha III, president and chief executive officer of Bashas’ Family of Stores. “We believe in innovation and partnership and finding ways to support our teams with advanced tools they need to better serve our shoppers and our community.”

Built by former executives from SAP, PayPal and IBM, the Hypersonix platform harnesses data-driven insights without dependency on data analysts or information technology professionals. Unlike competing solutions, Hypersonix brings a sophisticated experience to price optimization. The company has replicated the simplicity of how one might “Google” something in their personal life, only at the enterprise level.

Easy Integration from Existing Data Sources

“With Hypersonix, Bashas’ becomes one of the first regional grocery chains in the United States to embrace artificial intelligence in such a broad fashion,” said Todd P. Michaud, President and Chief Customer Officer of Hypersonix. “We are thrilled to be working with the team at Bashas’ as they embrace AI as a competitive edge. Like many retailers, Bashas’ is a data-rich environment that has benefited from the actionable insights our platform has brought autonomously to their team.”

Better Serving Shoppers & Community

Designed for ecommerce, the platform helps clients drive profitable growth, save money and improve customer engagement.

“Hypersonix has an impressive and comprehensive all-in-one solution, ready out-of-the-box and they make it easy to integrate with existing data sources,” said Barry Craft, Vice President of Merchandising, Marketing, & Procurement for Bashas’. “Hypersonix has the right product capabilities to help retailers like us find new opportunities to better serve our shoppers.”

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