New Day, New Rules: Democratizing Data to Unlock CPG Growth

On-demand Webinar

Today’s consumer packaged goods brands have found themselves in a new reality when it comes to retail and third-party data. Whether it’s measuring ROAS or navigating the latest supply chain disruption, brands of all sizes require new methods of leveraging data, understanding sales channels, and continuously optimizing for consumer demand and ROI.

The only way to accomplish this, however, is by ditching the endless reports and useless dashboards that do little to enable actionable decisions. Instead, today’s CPG leaders are overcoming legacy infrastructures and confining, limiting data silos with new tools, driven by artificial intelligence.  


In this on-demand webinar, a conversation with Dan Cook, Unilever Head of Walmart Food Sales, and Matt Holland, Hypersonix Head of CPG Sector, will explore:

  • How CPGs are changing the way they leverage data and analytics today  
  • Best practices for brands to unlock the power of data in today’s new reality
  • How advances in Data Science and AI Tools can be applied to unify and access data to go faster  

To enable sustained growth for brands now and in the future, CPG business leaders must evolve to leverage the techniques and technologies that unlock the value in their data.


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