Pricing, Promotions and Markdown Innovations in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

For many years, retailers have used various technologies and solution providers to help them manage and optimize their pricing, promotions, and markdowns. Despite sophisticated analytics, complex rules, and the availability of competitor intelligence, legacy solutions often miss the mark when it comes to enabling a balance that meet both the retailer’s and shopper’s needs. 


With the recent rapid changes in shopper behavior, and increasing e-commerce adoption, it is more challenging than ever to uncover ideal pricing, promotions, and markdowns. In the era of AI retailers are exploring new, more strategic, channel-specific, and autonomous approaches to pricing and promotions that will drive profitable revenue growth.

In this on-demand webinar, we will:

  • Discuss the pricing, promotions and markdown landscape of 2021
  • Understand the key components to consider when evaluating future-ready approaches and technologies
  • Share case studies on the benefits that are attainable


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