Profit Optimization for Ecommerce

Enable profitable data-driven decision-making with real-time AI-driven insights and recommendations for eCommerce enterprises


Prescriptive, Predictive, and Measurable

Ecommerce businesses capture powerful data sets that can help them transform customer experiences. However, are you able to leverage them to make data-driven decisions in real-time? Are your systems equipped to instantly deliver the data you need, when you need it?

With end-to-end AI-powered profit optimization for retail, you can go beyond traditional processes to discover what happened, why it happened, and what you can do about it with personalized AI-driven recommendations.

Demand Forecasting

Predict the future across your entire business with provably-accurate forecasts using real-time data

Autonomous Inventory

Reduce lost sales from substitutions and out-of-stocks with AI-driven inventory scarcity detection and fulfillment intelligence

Assortment Intelligence

Leverage click-stream and shopper preferences data to maximize performance and optimize your online assortment

Autonomous Personalization

Show your customers you know them through recommended products and promotions that drive loyalty.

Pricing & Promotions

Identify ideal, dynamic & channel-specific prices and promotions that resonate with your customers and reduce abandoned baskets

Shopper Feedback & more…

From first-click to check-out, we offer autonomous, real-time intelligence on every aspect of your ecommerce operations

AI-Driven Decision Intelligence when it counts

Hypersonix helps ecommerce companies drive profitable revenue growth by providing a system of actionable intelligence. Our 11 proprietary AI-driven engines wake up and identify critical risks and opportunities for your business.

We bring machine learning driven decision intelligence together with advanced forecasting and optimization to help monitor, diagnose, predict and prescribe key actions to drive profit growth.

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