Autonomous Analytics for Restaurants

Enable profitable data-driven decision making with real-time AI-driven insights and recommendations for Restaurants

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Intelligent. Autonomous. Purpose-built for Restaurants.

As a restaurant, you’re making 100s of decisions everyday about key value areas like your menu, stock, bundles, pricing and promotions. However, are you able to capitalize on the billions of data points you collect to make data-driven decisions in real-time? Are your analysts and systems equipped to instantly deliver the data you need, when you need it?

With Hypersonix for Restaurants, you can go beyond traditional processes to discover what happened, why it happened, and what you can do about it with personalized AI-driven recommendations and a “Google-like” search.

Demand Forecasting

Predict the future across your entire business with provably-accurate and channel-specific forecasts using real-time data

Autonomous Bundling

Bundle products that appeal to your customers while simultaneously increasing order size to drive sales

Menu Intelligence

Tailor your menu based on localized shopper preferences to increase sales and optimize business performance


Build deep relationships with your customers by identifying key segments & providing personalized promotions

Pricing Intelligence

Identify ideal, localized, dynamic & channel-specific prices and promotions that resonate with your customers

Channel Intelligence

Convert delivery channels into a profitable revenue stream by optimizing pricing, promotions, and more for every channel

Test and Control

Test new products & measure their effectiveness by benchmarking and breaking down their performance and source of volume

Campaigns, and more…

From ingredients to your customers’ plate, we offer autonomous, real-time intelligence on every aspect of your restaurant business

Meet Jarvix - Your Intelligent Decisioning Agent

Backed by powerful AI, ML and NLP systems, Jarvix brings data together from disparate sources and helps you with instant insights and recommendations with a seamless Google-like search experience.

His autonomous capabilities allow him to self-learn and proactively help you with real-time data across key areas of restaurants ranging from marketing to sales to operations. 

Trusted by top brands in the industry


Tap into our expertise and learn more about restaurant analytics, AI, data analytics and more.

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