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Profit OS Overview

Hypersonix Profit OS is a machine learning and AI-driven profit optimization platform that empowers eCommerce organizations to gain actionable insights for price and inventory recommendations. When you connect your eCommerce and ERP systems, Profit OS will dive deep into your pricing, inventory, and cost data to find potential business risks and opportunities, allowing you to get more competitive or improve your margins with precise recommendations for maximum growth and profits.

Proactive Monitoring

Profit OS from Hypersonix will continuously monitor and track your KPIs and business metrics. These key targets can have the greatest impact on your strategic business outcomes such as:

  • Revenue, Profit Margin
  • Indicate Business Outcomes
  • Average Order Value, Inventory on Hand
  • Website Traffic, Page Views per session, and Transactions

Opportunities and Risks

Profit OS was specifically created to identify potential risks, before they become significant challenges, as well as opportunities to grow your profits.

  • The business risk reports and forecasting of sales reports are generated for segments of your business that are underperforming and negatively impacting your sales in order to give you recommendations for improving your profits.
  • Science-based algorithms generate opportunity insights to identify the segment of your business that has the best potential to increase sales and profits.

Rule-based Optimizations

The unique profit optimization platform from Hypersonix uses sets of rules and their conditions, along with our algorithms, to optimize product prices. The Rule Manager feature allows you to:

  • Define your rules and their conditions based on your prior business experiences.
  • The Profit OS optimization engine leverages these percentages or dollar amounts to optimize your profits.

Pricing Optimization

This is the process of analyzing customer and market data with our algorithms to determine the best price point for a good or service. Profit OS has an AI-powered machine learning engine that can:

  • Manage optimal price points for millions of SKUs at any given time
  • Solve any price complexity by taking into account various elasticities, cross-product dependencies, and demand patterns.

Inventory Optimization

Optimizing your inventory means Profit OS will leverage the power of data storage to provide a clear and actionable view of inventory while forecasting weeks of supply and the probability surrounding out-of-stock items or stock-outs, regardless of their supply method. Profit OS includes an inventory-based pricing strategy that allows you to define your business rules based on the inventory on hand.

Competitor Intelligence

The Profit OS competitor intelligence is the process through which machine learning (ML) obtains and analyzes information about the industry you’re in, current business and market environment, your competitors and goods in order to determine your profit optimizations based on pricing. The competitor manager feature allows you to:

  • Define your industry's competitors, create profiles, and scrape their pricing data.
  • Compare your prices to the market's prices in order to recommend a competitive pricing strategy while protecting your profits.

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