AI-driven Profit Optimization for Ecommerce

Hypersonix helps ecommerce companies drive profitable revenue growth by providing a system of actionable intelligence. We brings machine learning driven decision intelligence together with advanced forecasting and optimization to help monitor, diagnose, predict and prescribe key actions to drive profit growth.

Make smarter, faster, trusted decisions by understanding your data and taking action when and where it counts.

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The Future Of Profit Optimization for Ecommerce is here

Hypersonix has helped to deliver 15-18% profitable revenue growth to its customers.

automated insights

Blazing fast and Easy to Use

Plug and play with your ecommerce platform to ingest data and receive instant insights and continuous monitoring

voice search

Proactive and timely alerts and notifications

Maximize margin and impact by anticipating business risks and opportunities

Pattern Detection

Anomaly and pattern detection

Auto-analyze your business health to uncover new profit and revenue insights that require attention

real time insights

Automated insights in real-time

Automatically find signals in your data, interpret them and recommend actions to maximize revenue and margin

predictive analytics

Predictive and Prescriptive Recommendations

Drive margin with granular, sophisticated machine-learning driven forecasting for pricing, promotions, inventory, and customer

contextual intelligence

Contextual intelligence and decision-graphing

Evidence based recommendations with a 360-degree view on your customer, product, vendor and channel intel

What makes Hypersonix the best system for Ecommerce Profit Optimization?

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Enabling end to end business processes for key industries

Hypersonix offers a suite of AI-enabled applications that helps manage every part of your organization - customers, products, spend, finance, employees & IT

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Marketplace & Consumer Services
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Financial Services
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Actionable insights from Jarvix - your intelligent decisioning agent

Supports real-time Natural Language Processing (NLP) like Alexa and Siri creating “Google-like” conversational and search-based interactions

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A Personalized Experience

A highly productive and tailored experience for each user. Our platform self-learns and auto-personalizes the experience with every interaction

prescriptive analytics
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Predictive and Prescriptive Insights

Instant 360-degree insights on customer, sales, products, channels, promotions, vendors, labor, inventory and other back-office operations with recommended opportunities

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Intelligence Interface

Auto-analyzes and visualizes data in the right way for interpretation and consumption. Our customized data science models address enterprise best practices and represent them as decision graphs

business intelligence data analytics platform
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Unified Data Analytics Platform (UDAP)

Eliminates data silos and auto-stitches related data together using AutoML. Identify, Integrate & cleanse in an automated fashion, helping gain rapid value from your data in days not months.

cloud computing

Hypersonix changes Decision Making forever

fast decision making


Uncover insights from billions of signals in real-time

decision making jarvix


Our platform provides decision-making that guides you

business intelligence reporting


Find out what happened, why it changed, and how to take action

business growth


Automated insights that deliver on dynamic, personalized pricing

Unlock growth and profitability by leveraging Hypersonix today

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