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The level of noise in the market about Enterprise AI can be disorienting for enterprises looking to start their AI journey and can often throw them into a state of analysis paralysis.

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It is important to document the current state of the market from the enterprise’s perspective. Not as a collection of capabilities, tools and products but rather as a collection of enterprise pain points, competency gaps and adoption blockers.

The white paper intends to offer a glimpse into patterns and anti-patterns that enterprises experience in their digital transformation journeys and offers blueprints for enterprises to establish AI adoption programs and strategies.

Kumar Srivastava

Kumar is the Chief Technology Officer at Hypersonix.

Prior to this, he was the VP of Engineering at Noodle.ai. He has held multiple leadership roles at established organizations like Microsoft and BNY Mellon, and innovative and emerging brands such as Clicked, Inmusik, ClearStory Data, and Apigee.

He is a board member of the Cyber Security Advisory Board at California State University, Chico, and the founder of the AI University. He is also an avid contributor to tech publications like TechCrunch, CIO.com and Entrepreneur.