If you’re a key decision-maker, you know that the choices you make have the power to make or break your company.  So, it is essential that your decisions are always as smart, timely and as data-driven as possible. 

Think of a typical decision you might need to make, like figuring out what new items to introduce and which store locations will these items do best in?  You may start by trying to make sense of complicated spreadsheets and reports, and maybe you even need to solicit input from your category managers, vendors, and store managers.  You may also need to work with a data analyst to run some reports. In the end, you spend far too much time and effort into this.   

What if you had a smart AI-based analytics system, like an Alexa or Siri, that you could simply ask questions via your smartphone, tablet or personal computer?  What if this system could sift through millions of data points to immediately give you the correct answers you need in an instant?

You could ask questions like, “Which of my stores are underperforming, and why?” and the system would instantly comb through the data points, identify patterns, anomalies, and causations to give you the valuable insights you need to make data-driven decisions instantly.  These insights would be based on data pulled together from several non-integrated software platforms such as POS, eCommerce, CRM, inventory, and more.

Business professional accessing data-driven ai on phone with voice

Hypersonix has built a data-driven AI system and it is available now!

Hypersonix, with its AI-based intelligent assistant, Jarvix, is empowering decision-makers with both prescriptive and predictive insights to support faster and better data-driven decision making. The company offers an NLP-based (Natural Language Processing) search experience where you can ask questions verbally or textually in plain English. Think of it as a “Google for Enterprise” user experience designed to offer a conversational experience for business users without the dependency on analysts to compile or interpret data 

Beyond the simple and fast user experience, Hypersonix has the ability to stitch together structured/unstructured data from various disparate databases into a Cloud-based Unified Data Analytics Platform (UDAP).  This capability includes third-party data sets like weather, competitor intelligence, market data, and even social and behavioral data as well.   Hypersonix accomplishes this with AutoML (Automated Machine Learning) to ingest, cleanse, validate, and structure data from these various sources in a highly automated fashion.  Gone are the days of complex data mapping. This unified data layer operates in a high performance, in-memory environment for exceptional speed and scalability.

Hypersonix has also developed augmented analytics and intelligence engines based on robust data science and deep learning.  These intelligence engines with their predictive and prescriptive capabilities can be applied to the most challenging business problems or business opportunities in marketing, merchandising, operations and finance. With these intelligence engines, the system understands what has happened in the business, why it happened, and what the business should do about it.   

Next-Generation Data-Driven AI is a Game Changer for Consumer-Centric Businesses

Data-driven intelligence powered by AI helps unlock countless growth opportunities for the most common types of consumer-centric businesses, as the examples below illustrate.

groceries CGrocery

Understand customer behavior with personalized time and location-aware shopper analytics. This is especially essential for a sector where being able to forecast product needs and customer behaviors can make the difference between struggle and success. 

restaurant CRestaurant

Analyze customer foot traffic in real-time and discover how to plan ahead and stock up on preferred menu items. Optimize your menu and minimize waste by discovering exactly which customers tend to come when and what they order.

retail CRetail

Discover how effective your latest promotion really was by measuring changes in shopper foot traffic and sales. Then conduct a basket analysis to discover cross-selling opportunities for new and returning customers.

ecommerce CE-Commerce

View revenue analytics for which items are commonly bought together, build dynamic digital pricing models, and use the Intelligent Pricing feature to forecast customer sensitivity to product price changes.

hotel cHospitality

Find the reasons for key fluctuations in your customers’ demand for rooms and services. Analyse and forecast the optimal price point for maximum profitability.

As your business and your industry get more and more competitive, sharpen your competitive edge with Hypersonix’s data-driven AI Analytics capabilities, built specifically for the challenges faced by decision-makers like you.

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