Are you making decisions with yesterday’s data?

When it comes to Ecommerce, brands are resorting to age-old tools and falling behind competitors. What if your decisions on pricing, promotions and engagement were powered by real-time AI-enabled analytics? 

Why Hypersonix?

Hypersonix’s AI-driven Ecommerce Intelligence is helping customers: 


Lift digital engagement by up to 11%


Reduce cart abandonment by over 10%


Deliver better results at a fraction of the cost


Convert 5x more customers to digital channels


Achieve faster speed-to-insight and speed-to-action


Track cross-channel data through a Unified Data Analytics Platform


Price dynamically with real-time recommendations tailored to Ecomm customers


Increase average order value significantly compared to traditional channels

Why NOW?

  • COVID-19 continues to disrupt traditional business models
  • Ecommerce adoption has rapidly increased for merchants and consumers
  • Customers expectations are high in terms of personalization, prices & inventory availability
  • Bad or late decision-making is a higher cost than ever
  • Ecommerce giants continue to dominate the market, gaining share of wallet is challenging
  • Consumer behavior is evolving rapidly, & historical data is increasingly irrelevant
  • Businesses need to shift from Ecommerce enablement to Ecommerce profitability

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